Acuvue 2 contact lenses have consistently been the best-selling hydrogel lens since their release in 1999. It's no surprise, as these lenses are very easy to insert and remove, and they help make your vision clear and crisp.

Acuvue 2 is a UV blocking lens for those who like to get out and be active. The visibility tint makes them easy to find in saline solution, and once they're in you'll notice they are so comfortable you'll forget all about them. On top of all that, 7 out of 10 people with Acuvue 2 contacts achieve 20/20 vision or better.

ACUVUE® 2 is a versatile contact lens that fits almost any prescription or budget.

Easy Handling

• Our superb design features a smooth front surface to make it easy to put on and take off your lenses. ACUVUE® 2 Brand is also compatible with a wide range of lens solutions.

Exceptional Comfort

• INFINITY EDGE™ Design contours to the eye and provides a soft lens wear feeling.

UV Protection

• Class 2 UV Blocking helps protect against harmful UV radiation. ACUVUE® 2 blocks on average 99% UVB and 88% UVA

Longitivity of use1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses.
Diameter (MM) - DIA14.0 mm
Available Base Curve Radius (BC or BCR)8.7 8.3
Material42% polymer (etafilcon A)
Water (%)58%

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Price shown is price per period, i.e., 3 month, which includes standard amount (6) of lenses required for one eye for one month of use (lens care products, such as container and most suitable lens care solution is included free of charge).
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